AviHex - a Hex-Editor for Files larger than 2 GB


AviHex can be used to ...

- view and change binary Files and Drives
- visually compare Files (and even Drives with Files)
- cut and put together (big amount of Data)
- determine and enter decimal, hexadecimal and binary Numbers
- delete or overwrite Data Areas
- enlarge and decrease Files
- permanently highlight Data Areas
- disassemble any desired Data Aerea (16/32/64 bit, MMX, FPU und SSE1-SSE4)
- check Avi-Files (digital "Play"-Function)
- search for Data- or Text-Pieces (even in combination)



- no Limit of File Size
- normally Changes are recorded first in a Journal-File (and not directly in the Main-File)
- the record is permanently available (even without saving the Main-File)
- the real Content of the Main-File can be viewed at any Time by pressing F5
- direct Access to (logical and physical) Drives
- Undo- and Redo-Functionality (Preview with F2/F4)
- Restore-Functionality of the original File
- comparison of two Files is like superposing of Plastic Film (F6)
- comfortable Dialog for entering Numbers with automatic Conversion
- Enlargement (e.g. to allocate Memory) and Decrease of Files
- some Functions to identify RIFF-Chunks in AVI-Files
- Disassembling (32/64-Bits, MMX- and SSE-Commands)
deutschsprachige Version
-> Version 2.5.3 <-
(02.12.2008, 200 kB)
-> Version 2.1.0e <-
(23.06.2007, 84 kB)
-> Version 1.3 <-
(23.04.2005, 21 kB)
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